Madison Speed Skating Club

There are several ways to reach us:


Head Coach - Tom Riley
Youth Coaches - Bob Neville, Brooke Gall

Elected annually by the board members at the end-of-year banquet.

President - Tom Riley
Vice President of Membership - Jay Tolbert
Vice President of Promotions - Steve Mueller
Secretary - Gretchen Forbes
Treasurer - Bob Neville
Skater Representatives - Karl Stark and Theresa Bachorz

Board Members
10 families total. 5 elected to a two year term by the general membership each year at the end-of-year banquet. Board meetings are held at the 1st ice practice of each month, and as needed over the summer.


Craig Forbes

Wisconsin Speedskating Association

For information on the Wisconsin Speedskating Association, please contact WSA President Katie Traver.