2011 US Short Track Nationals - Wausau, WI

Madison Speed Skating Photos

Team Madison at the Wisconsin State Championships: Waupaca, WI - March 2011
Adrian Gotts, Karl Stark, Tim Chang, Dan Greene, Scott Nelson, Marty Lichtman, Danny Tomaro, Tom Riley, Mairin Cahill, Bob Neville
Ryan Forbes, Cory Forbes, Miya Tolber, June Yoon, Joel Foster, Jack Decker, Gunnar Olsen, Jimmy Decker, Chuck Hansell, Jacob Riley, Diane Crossfield, Max Yeazel

Team Madison at the Great Lakes Short Track Championship, October 2010
Elizabeth Van Tuinen, Mairin Cahill, Joel Foster, Chinese Olympian Fu Tianyu (a.k.a. Taya), Marty Lichtman

Ice practice, 16 October 2008

From left to right: Sue Assmen, unknown, Kelly Mullen, Tom Riley, Nicky Boucher, Heather Ames

West Allis, Wisconsin outdoor oval circa 1979

Link: Our own Daniel Seuer's Speedskating Gallery

2007 - Park Ridge, IL